Frequently asked questions


MetroTwit keyboard shortcuts

MetroTwit has a number of keyboard shortcuts to make interacting with the application easier. We plan to introduce more in the future.

  • F5 – Refresh (search columns)
  • CTRL+N – New tweet
  • CTRL+F – Search Twitter
  • CTRL+Z – Undo tweet
  • CTRL+TAB – Switch account tab
  • CTRL+SHIFT+TAB – Reverse switch account tab


Some columns, specifically friends, mentions and/or direct messages aren’t refreshing

These columns utilizes Twitter streaming which allows instant updates from Twitter. Unfortunately this is also prone to some issues. If the column appears to not refresh after the initial load, you can try

  • Verify the computer time is accurate. You can always manually synchronize it with the “Internet Time” in Windows to ensure its accuracy. Some time servers like “” may be unresponsive so we recommend you to try another.

  • Ensure the internet connection is not disrupting the connection. If possible, verify it works with a different PC on a different network.


MetroTwit runs slowly or performs badly

MetroTwit uses the Microsoft .NET 4.0 and WPF frameworks to render the graphics and animations in the application. Unfortunately this platform is known to have high system and memory usage requirements.

Microsoft released an optional General Distribution Release (GDR) update to .NET Framework 4.0 in November, 2011 which includes some minor performance fixes that may affect MetroTwit. We recommend users to download it and install it.


MetroTwit isn’t launching or crashing at start up

In most cases, this is due to the profile file becoming corrupt. Although we try to reduce the chances of this happening, it sometimes occurs.

You can reset the profile by deleting the “%AppData%\MetroTwit\” directory. This directory contains the profile and some cache files MetroTwit stores. It will be rebuilt if does not exist. If you wish to back up your profile, you can simply make a copy of this directory.

If this does not work, you may wish to attempt to repair Microsoft’s .NET Framework 4 using the web installer to fix any corruption issues.


Will you be porting MetroTwit to Android, iOS, Mac or Linux?

We appreciate the enthusiasm people have for our app to use it on other platforms. Unfortunately at this time our limited time and resources means we can only focus on the Windows platform where we do intend to fully support Windows 8’s Metro-style apps.