Cyber Monday special: v0.9.2.0

Use the in-app updater to receive this MetroTwit update.

Version release notes:

  • Added “save search”, “remove saved search” and recent searches functionality
  • Added local/weekly/daily trends support
  • Added new and more reliable “keep scroll at top” behavior
  • Fixed “show all replies from friends” option not working
  • Fixed favorites column constantly refreshing
  • Fixed support for GIF images in media uploading
  • Fixed profile avatar disappearing after tweeting
  • Fixed support for horizontal mouse tilting to scroll left/right in columns
  • Fixed rare media popup window crashing on load
  • Fixed invalid focus of tweet box after sending a tweet
  • Fixed notifications positioning away from bottom corners
  • Tweaked button design style
  • Tweaked direct message layout style
  • Tweaked ad display style
  • Fixed “Find API key” link
  • Fixed “service disrupted” typo