MetroTwit may contain traces of peanuts, milk and ads

When we found out a couple of months ago Santa Claus wasn’t real, we panicked. Our business model of making a kickass Windows app in anticipation for chimneys of wrapped gifts toppled like the Twitter API under a light breeze.

Working on MetroTwit is challenging, but in a good way. We like going the extra mile (in WPF land that’s usually 1.4 miles) to add the extra layers of polish to the app which not only our users seem to notice but also enjoy. Of course, this usually takes time, a lot of time.

The truth is, we’re introducing ads to MetroTwit because we want to spend more time working on MetroTwit, adding more features and polishing more pixels and squashing more bugs.

We chose 140proof as our advertising provider because they make ads more relevant and contextual for Twitter users. Based on our own trials, most of the ads seem to be targeted to our interests (I sometimes see Microsoft ads) and fresh with new content. We also like their simple privacy policy.

For users who just can’t stand ads, we’re also introducing MetroTwit Plus – a one-off upgrade to remove ads and future access to the planned multiple-accounts support for professional users.

We know it’s been a while since our last update but we hope you will appreciate all the stuff we’ve been working on in version 0.9 (coming tonight). We have much more planned to make Twitter an even better experience on Windows (and across Windows Phone with Nest) and we hope to share them soon.

Long Zheng, David Golden and Winston Pang.